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For the love of travel.
Melodybag Kulturtasche
Through a colorful world.
A piece of home.
Melodybag Design94

Music is art. The art of sound that expresses our ideas, our emotions through its rhythm or a simple melody. In a way, you could say that music is a universal "language" - you can communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries in a way that ordinary languages cannot.

Start the day with your favorite song or relax while listening to some piano pieces - your very own rituals that you don't want to miss - even when you are traveling.  


Melodybag combines the convenience of holding your personal washing utensils without having to resort to travel-size products and offers a high-quality sound. When you connect your smartphone to the Melodybag, you simply feel at home - even if you are thousands of kilometers away.  

... coming soon.

Melodybag Design94
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