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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." 
Albert Einstein
Neue Welt

Passion and drive

Our passion for the beautiful things in life drives us to create sustainable, innovative and timeless products.


Many small details make a good product. Design is made for people. We want to introduce our own vision of clear, concise, functional and sleek design to the customers of tomorrow.


Our goal is to create products that will be used with pleasure for generations to come. We have the highest standards for the materials used, manufacturing tolerances and final finishes. We strive to deliver flawless products - products without concessions to quality. 


Our products are manufactured, inspected and packaged with love and care. We do not compromise at the expense of our customers.


Our Titanium shaving series is one of many product series still to follow in the beauty & body care sector.


Life is an adventure and we look forward to it.




Titanium razor set

Unique material.

Rasierhobel Titanium

100% nickel-free

Our Titanium shaving products are made exclusively from titanium with a purity grade of > 99,2%, rest oxygen. Titanium is not only an extremely corrosion resistant and durable material, which meets the requirements of aerospace and medical technology, but also beautiful and timeless.

Titanium is the heaviest of all light metals with a density of 4.50 g/cm3. The material makes it possible to realize shapes that are too heavy in stainless steel or would not meet our customers' requirements in zinc/aluminum.


Write your story.

Write your own


The Titanium pen series is for those who want to do more than just write.


It follows on from the distinctive design of the Titanium razor series. 


Created for eternity to live up to the history of metal.

Design94 Titanium Fineliner



Like to travel?

Music on the road.

In the age of smartphones, tablet & co. do we still need portable MP3 or video players?


Has your overnight stay/hygiene behavior in hotels changed since the pandemic?


Do you imagine you could leave your utensils in your toilet bag, hygienically harmless, clearly sorted and always at hand - especially when time is pressing?


You like to enjoy a piece at home in the bathroom in the morning - your favorite music, your morning ritual?


You make a quick phone call to your loved ones in the morning? 


The smartphone at the sink was the only alternative until now.




Melodybag patentiert
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