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Welcome to a world full of colour and joie de vivre! Our latest razor series ‘Life’ celebrates the theme of ‘life’ in all its facets. Life - that means diversity, dynamism and unpredictability. It is the sum of our experiences, the beauty of small moments and the adventure of everyday life. Every day brings new opportunities and challenges that allow us to grow and remind us how precious every second is. Our colourful razor range captures exactly this feeling: it stands for vitality, individuality and the courage to stay true to yourself. Treat yourself to a shave that is as unique and exciting as life itself. Immerse yourself in an experience that transforms your daily routine into a moment of joy and revitalises your senses. Because life is colourful - and your shave should be too!


Our collection

Rasierhobel Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

The "Rio de Janeiro" safety razor is an exotic and colorful accessory that captures the vibrant and fun-loving atmosphere of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. This shiny razor handle features yellow, green and blue colors that represent the sun, nature and sea of Rio.

Die Schönheit Rio de Janeiros
Life Serie San Francisco

San Francisco

The handle is finished in a deep, glossy black that exudes elegance and sophistication. Accents in dark blue tones give the handle a mysterious and appealing touch that is reminiscent of the mystical beauty of San Francisco Bay.

Die einzigartige Golden Gate Bridge.
Life Serie Santa Monica

Santa Monica

The razor features a handle that reflects the colors of the sea and the California sunset, and is designed in various shades of blue that are reminiscent of the calm waves of the ocean. In addition, warm orange tones are incorporated that capture the stunning sunset over the Santa Monica coast.

Unbeschreiblich - der Sonnenuntergang in Kalifornien.
Life Serie Barcelona


The handle is finished in an elegant glossy black, giving it a classy and timeless look. Accents in vibrant orange provide contrast and give the razor handle a modern and trendy touch. The combination of these colors symbolizes the lively urbanity of Barcelona and brings a touch of excitement and passion to everyday life.

Sonnenuntergang in Barcelona
Life Serie Vancouver


The structure of the handle conveys a feeling of warmth and naturalness, while the dark green and black shades are reminiscent of the dense forests of Canada. Accents in yellow give the handle a touch of luxury and elegance that harks back to the country's rich nature and beauty.

Sea to Sky Highway on Pacific Ocean West Coast. Aerial Panorama. Colorful Sunrise Sky. Loc
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