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Mystical aura with a                                           futuristic charm.

Rasur Set Titanium Rasierhobel Design94

Our Titanium DE safety razor is made entirely from the purest titanium (> 99.2%). Titanium is not only the heaviest of all light metals, but also a sustainable material that is characterized by its longevity - made for eternity and for generations to come.


In complex production processes with more than 100 work steps, our titanium razor is carved out of a forged titanium block. We achieve its graceful surface through multiple grinding and polishing as well as matting using the finest glass beads.

For the love of detail - made of titanium.

Rasierhobel Titan

In addition to these features, the Titanium razor demonstrates excellent shaving qualities. It is ideally balanced, precise, is characterized by a very good grip and is therefore easy to guide in the hand. The groove design of the razor head and the ideal angle of the blade make the shave very smooth and very close - even in the shower. The blade glides gently over the skin without being aggressive. Skin irritation is significantly reduced. 

With every fibre a passion for the perfect.

Rasierpinsel Titan

The brush continues the stringent design line of the razor. The synthetically produced fibers of the brush are made of a robust but soft synthetic fiber that dries quickly and is characterized by its long life. The inserts are replaceable if necessary. The spherical rounding of the handle makes the shaving brush very comfortable and easy to hold. 


Vegan premium quality for gentle care of your skin.

Hang out in style.
Rasierständer Titan

The Titanium shaving stand with engraved Titanium logo completes this beautiful set. Here, too, the concise design elements of the elegant lines are found again. The suspension allows a quick drying of the brush and dripping of the razor.


Navy blue, durable and water-resistant velvet on the bottom ensures a smooth stay in your bathroom.

Design94 Rasierhobel Vergleich Set.jpg

Titanium Protect - all-round protection.

So protect what you love. Innovative and functional design makes the Titanium Protect single shaving stand so special. The razor blade is completely surrounded by the purest titanium.  Placement  on the washbasin or alternatively hanging overhead on the mirror cabinet.  

The round into the square.
Seifenschale Titan

Anything but standard is the unusual shape of the Titanium soap dish for whipping up the shaving foam of all common shaving soaps with a maximum diameter of 70 mm. Carved from a single block of titanium, it captivates with its perfectly formed design down to the smallest detail. Puristic, clear lines and soft edges characterize the outer appearance of the square dish and contrast with its interior with flowing, round shapes reminiscent of a rising flower. The highlight is the soap gallery, which prevents the soap from softening and allows for easy rinsing of the shaving foam even underneath the soap under running water.


Navy blue, durable and water-repellent velvet on the bottom completes the perfection of the soap dish.

My ritual. My shave
Rasierhobel Titan
Sustainability and benefits.
Verpackung Titanium
We too would like to make our contribution to consistently reducing packaging waste and develop our products from the beginning with the goal of sustainability and of course VEGAN.

All elements from the Titanium series are packed in a beautiful, elegant travel case. In this way, they retain their special shine and unique character.

... make the world a little more beautiful!

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