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Women's business.

Rasur Frauen Design94

Simple yet exciting.

Zero waste - simply sustainable.

The titanium safety razor is ideal balanced, precise, is characterized by a very good grip and is therefore easy to handle. Thanks to the groove design of the razor head and the ideal angle of the blade, the shave is very gentle and very thorough - even in the shower. The blade glides smoothly over the skin without being aggressive. Skin irritations are significantly reduced. 

Not just an exciting accessory in the bathroom, but the sustainable alternative to conventional system or disposable razors. 

This unisex safety razor is packaged in a beautiful, elegant, navy blue travel case. In this way it retains its special shine and unique character.

... make the world a little more beautiful!
Vegan premium quality for gentle care of your skin.
Rasierhobel für Frauen
Perfection made from the purest titanium
Rasierhobel für Frauen
gentle - thorough - sustainable 
Titanium Sunrise
Rasierhobel Titan SunRise Design94
Sustainability and benefits.
Titanium Rasierhobel Verpackung-offen.jpg

We also want to do our part to consistently reduce packaging waste and develop our products from the beginning with the goal of sustainability and of course VEGAN. All elements from the Titanium series are packed in a beautiful, elegant travel case. In this way, they retain the special shine and unique character....make the world a little more beautiful!

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