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Life - Experience the ultimate shaving experience with our handmade, colourful and extremely high-quality safety razor. This masterpiece of the art of shaving combines functionality, design and craftsmanship at the highest level.

Exquisite materials and workmanship

The metal parts of the safety razor are made from robust and durable stainless steel. Stainless steel not only guarantees excellent corrosion resistance, but also gives the safety razor an elegant and timeless look. The handle is the centrepiece of this elegant razor: it is lovingly handcrafted from Ebonite. Ebonite, known for its exceptional strength and pleasant feel, ensures comfortable handling and a secure grip, even with wet hands. The natural rubber is particularly skin-friendly (recommended for people with plastic and/or metal allergies) and has been tried and tested for decades on musical instruments and writing instruments.

Colourful design

Each handle is unique and radiates individuality and style with its colourful design. The vibrant colours of the ebonite make every safety razor a real eye-catcher in your bathroom. The unique pattern and colour combinations are created using a special handcrafting technique that ensures that no two handles are identical.

Rio de Janeiro

The ‘Rio de Janeiro’ safety razor is an exotic and colourful accessory that captures the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. This shiny razor handle comes in the colours yellow, green and blue, representing the sun, nature and the sea of Rio.

Perfect shave

Our safety razor offers an incomparably smooth and precise shaving experience. The perfect balance and well thought-out design ensure that the blade glides perfectly over your skin, providing a close but gentle shave. Suitable for all skin types, this safety razor reduces irritation and ensures a smooth and well-groomed complexion.

Sustainability and longevity

In a world dominated by disposable products, we are setting an example for sustainability and durability. This safety razor is designed to give you many years of loyal service. The use of high-quality materials and careful craftsmanship make it an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable razors.

Life - a playful masterpiece

Treat yourself to the luxury of a first-class shave with our handmade, colourful and high-quality safety razor. An essential accessory for every individualist who values quality and style. Experience the difference that true craftsmanship can make and transform your daily shaving routine into a special ritual.

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Life Rio de Janeiro 24 ct Gold

SKU: 94.0007.010.4
VAT Included
Available July 2024
    • Weight 80g
    •  Dimensions (LXWXH):
      42mm x 19mm x 103mm
    •  Handle length approx. 95 mm
    •  Colour: matt stainless steel, PVD 24 ct gold coated
    •  Material: stainless steel, handle ebonite
    •  Blade exposure -0.05 mm
    •  Blade gap approx. 1.1 mm
    •  for all standard razor blades
    •  closed comb
    • Life Safety Razor
    • razor blade
    • digital instruction manual.
    • Nylon disc - please remove before shaving
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