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For the expedition in the bathroom.

Canadian start-up Labo de Sacs is conquering the hearts of shaving enthusiasts.

Mikhail Zuykov Ph.D., Ph.D | Founder of Labo de Sacs is a professional researcher (environmental monitoring, oceanography and material science), former mountaineer (who ended his sports career due to injury), wet shaving enthusiast, EDC enthusiast, designer and manufacturer of original equipment for scientific expeditions and field work.

History Labo de Sacs

1991 - today | scientific equipment

Manufacture of pouches, bags, backpacks, cages, etc. with a custom design. Not intended for the mass market.

2014 - today | urban EDC (Every Day Carry)

Labo de Sacs [Fr] or Laboratory of Bags [En] was registered in May 2014 in the province of Québec, Canada, as a one-man sewing company. Why? In addition to gear, Labo de Sacs makes original bags and backpacks for urban EDC gear, following its own concept called "Alternative EDC Culture". They sell these products to different countries. Now these products are finally available for EDC enthusiasts.

2023 | Wet Shaving Accessories

Since March 2023, Lab has been manufacturing original holders for 7-day razors. This product is distributed through an ETSY store and will be available in Germany soon.

For more information please contact our friends in Canada

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