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German Design Award 2022

Category Excellent Product Design - Bath & Wellness


On 01.01.2021 we founded the start-up Design94, with the aim to develop our own products and to bring our customers closer to our view on timeless design. After a few labor intensive months of development, thanks to #additivemanufacturing, the idea and passion became our first product series "Titanium". When you create something on your own, it can be easy to lose objectivity and so we decided to submit the Titanium product series to the #GermanDesignAward, hoping that the international jury will recognize in the products the love and effort that went into the development.

The German Design Award is one of the most recognized international design awards and honors submissions in product design, among other things.

We could not be more grateful and happy about this award, this great prize. It gives us the impetus for many more projects and products.

Products made with love - for you.D94

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