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Unique fragrances with history


New York City 1957, the year in which Michael Knudsen created one of the oldest perfume brands still available in the USA - GRAVEL.

A decade of new beginnings, full of power and energy.

The cityscape was characterized by elegant ladies and gentlemen, in double-breasted suits and hats, classically elegant, but also by the up-and-coming youth, wildly powerful, full of drive. Gravel perfumes capture this spirit.

Distinctive and charismatic like founder Michael B. Knudsen (b. 1911), who traveled from Europe (Across the Ocean) to pursue his American dream (American Dream) and eventually created the first men's perfume in the U.S. (A Man's Cologne). Since the first bottle was sold in New York on 46th Street, each bottle is unique due to the addition of the pebbles (engl Gravel) from the Hudson River NY.

Unique fragrances, with a very special story.

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