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Alum is a mineral used as a blood staunch for small wounds due to its antiseptic and astringent properties.


  • The alum stone soothes the skin and prevents the formation of skin irritation and razor burn.
  • The antiseptic and antibacterial effect of the alum stone prevents infections that can arise from the smallest wounds after shaving. 
  • The alum stone can be used not only as a styptic, but also as a deodorant, pre-shave or after-shave. 


  • 0% preservatives
  • 0% alcohol
  • 0% chloride rate
  • 0% paraben
  • 0% dyes
  • odorless
  • does not cause allergies


The alum stone has been known as a natural home remedy since the 15th century.

Design94 alum stone - without alcohol

SKU: 94.0400.050.0
VAT Included
    • Total Weight: Approx. 120g
    • 1 piece per packaging unit
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