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The unusual shape of the titanium shaving soap dish for whipping up the shaving foam of all common shaving soaps with a maximum diameter of 70 mm is anything but standard. Carved out of a single titanium block, it impresses with its perfectly shaped design down to the smallest detail. Puristic, clear lines and soft edges characterize the external appearance of the square bowl and form the contrast to your interior with flowing, round shapes that are reminiscent of a rising flower.


The highlight is the soap gallery, which prevents the soap from softening and enables the shaving foam to be rinsed out easily under running water, even underneath the soap.

Titanium soap dish

SKU: 94.0001.010.0
VAT Included
    • Weight 594 g
    • Dimensions (LXWXH):
      80mm x 80 mm x 59 mm
    • Material: pure titanium (> 99.2%)


    All elements from the Titanium series are packed in a beautiful, elegant, hand-sewn, navy blue travel case. In this way, they retain their special shine and unique character.

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