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The Titanium Shaving Set with Bowl is an elegant one Eye-catcher in every bathroom.


Our Titanium series products are entirely made of the purest titanium (> 99.2%). Titanium is not only the heaviest of all light metals, but also a sustainable material that is characterized by its longevity - made for eternity and across generations.


In complex production processes with more than 100 work steps, our titanium razor is worked out of a forged block of titanium. We achieve its graceful surface through repeated grinding and polishing as well as matting using the finest glass beads.


All of our Titanium products go through the same processes.

Made with Love - for You.


Titanium shaving set with bowl

SKU: 94.0400.020.0
VAT Included
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    • Material: pure titanium (>99.2%), brush 100% vegan


    All items from the Titanium series are presented in a beautiful, elegant, hand-sewn, Packed in a navy blue travel case. In this way, they retain their special shine and unique character.

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